Founded by a farmer to work for farmers, AutoFarmWorks aims to deliver autonomous solutions for today’s agriculture. Using cutting edge technology and advanced engineering to simplify field operations delivering vehicles that are efficient, interchangeable, eco-friendly and above all autonomous.


We have several products in the development pipeline, all with the aim to make autonomy work and provide real advantages for the farmer.

Lightfoot AAV

The Lightfoot AAV will be the first system to be released. With an innovative new concept, it will deliver several significant advantages over the current legacy systems:

  • Dramatically reduced soil pressure to improve yields while increasing efficiency
  • Reduced input cost thanks to an innovative 3 component modular system.
  • Practical and efficient system to change over between operations.
  • Easy transport
  • Reduced need for labour.
  • Simple, efficient, cutting edge.

More Products to Come in the Future

Stay tuned for more products to be revealed in the future.



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    AutoFarmWorks is still young but has big ambitions. If you’re passionate about farming, technology, growing a business or all three, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at jobs@autofarmworks.com